Diagnosis measurement system DT 215


  • True RMS
  • Phase angle
  • FFT
  • Overvoltages( BIL / SIL )
  • Evaluation of dynamic processes such as disconnectoroperation

Evaluation of the state of operating Equipment and ist high-voltage environment

General description

General description The measuring system is designed to re- cord and evaluate status data of the grid and of the equipment to be monitored, as well as to record the course of events when exceptional conditions occur. Data are stored and analysed over a period of up to 10 years. In addition, the measuring system can communicate using two com- munications interfaces: Over a USB interface, it is possible to make both an online check as well as to read out data that has been stored. Fur- ther, the measuring system has two poten- tial-free relay contacts which can be used for generating alerts when exceptional operating states occur. For connection to the data logger, the high voltage capacity of the device to be monitored has to be tapped off. For devices which are already in operation, the measuring system may be used with reduced functionality.

Access to data
  • Online via USB

  • Output Signal Evaluation over two potential free relay contacts

  • Read-out of stored data via USB

Measurements signals
  • Voltage: 4 ports

  • Current: 4 ports

  • Temperature: 3 ports (2 of them external)

  • Pressure: 1 port
Technical data
Technische Daten